Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tips on How to Use a Treadmill to Exercise

English: Nordic walking on a treadmill in a he...
English: Nordic walking on a treadmill in a health club in Nürnberg, Germany Deutsch: Nordic Walking auf einem Laufband in einem Fitness Studio in Nürnberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Running on a treadmill is an incredibly efficient form of exercise, but it is often done improperly, hindering weight loss and fitness. The tips that follow below help maximize treadmill benefits.

  • Try varying your exercise program (treadmills can get boring).

  • Listen to your favorite music or make a deal with yourself that you can only watch your favorite show (DVD box sets work great here) while you are on your treadmill.

  • Don't put the treadmill in "that dark back bedroom" that you hate to go into (or--if you must--clean it, paint it and let in some light...and a TV/stereo!

  • To burn even more calories and get some variation in your routine, alter the incline settings every 2 minutes to go up 3%. For example 0:00=1%, 2:00=3% 4:00=6%, etc... Keep going until you get to around 12-15%. And hold it until you feel ready to come back down. Then repeat the sequence coming down in percentage. presto! Instant hill.

  • Don't do it everyday. You'll be sure to lose interest and it won't make working out a fun thing to do. 

  • Do it every other day or 3 times a week.
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