Thursday, January 10, 2013

Warm--Up | 6 Surprising Reasons for Warm-Up

Warming up.
Warming up. (Photo credit: Abhijith B.Rao)
 An appropriate warm-up can prevent many injuries, reduce lactic acid in the muscles and help the cardiovascular system prepare for exercise.

1. Warmup Improves Exercise
Warmup will improve exercise and sport performance because warm muscles can contract and relax faster with less effort.

2. Warmup Enhances Oxygen Absorption by Muscles
Oxygen is more readily available to muscles so muscles can function at the preferred aerobic capacity. The heart will need to work less (more optimally) at the beginning of exercise.

3. Gradual Increase in Heart Rate
Increases heart rate gradually, helping the cardiovascular system prepare for exercise.

4. Blood Flow is Increased
Increases blood flow, specifically bringing oxygen to muscle groups that will be utilized.

5. Enables a Proper Mindset and Mental Focus for Exercising
Creates a proper mindset for the exercises to be performed, which is so important for the pure enjoyment that exercise can bring. Also, this creates a mental focus on the training or competition to be performed.

6. Improves Social Interaction
Can be a great social connector between two or more people who are meeting at the facility.

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