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Sprints for Cardio Training? You Better Believe It

Sprints for Cardio Training? You Better Believe It

Sprints are one of the most effective cardio training exercises you can use. This extremely explosive exercise is a favorite among athletes, and for good reason.

Sprints not only increase athleticism and explosiveness, but the exercise also decreases fat and will effectively build lean muscle. Have you ever seen a picture of a professional sprinter? They are absolutely ripped, and this is because of all the high-intensity anaerobic cardio training they utilize.

In this post, I'm going to explain several sprint variations that you can start using to spice up your cardio routine and subsequently transform your body.

Make sure that you ALWAYS use dynamic stretching prior to these explosive exercises to prevent any unnecessary injury.

The Traditional Sprint
The traditional sprint is performed on a flat surface with no obvious variations. You will run no further than 60 yards with this exercise.

This is because any sprint further than 60 yards may cause your body to enter an aerobic state and will increase lactic acid build up in your legs. In addition, no person can maintain 100 percent intensity for distances exceeding 60 yards, not even the most elite athletes.

The key to this exercise is to remember that you are exerting your maximum amount of effort in the shortest amount of time. You should always be trying to push your physical limits!

Here is a beginners traditional sprint routine: 4 reps at 60 yards, 4 reps at 40 yards, 2 reps at 20 yards.

You should consider using the traditional sprint for an extended amount of time to build up a solid foundation for more advanced exercises in the future.

Some people have this negative view of hill sprints, but I personally embrace the challenge. I may be sick in the head, but I get a tingling feeling in my stomach knowing when it's hill sprints day! That's because I know I'm going to push my body to its limits.

For this variation, make sure you start out on an incline that is appropriate to your level of fitness advancement. Hill sprints will quadruple the gains you have seen from consistently using the traditional version.

Here is a sample hill sprints regime: 4 reps at 50 yards, 2 reps at 40 yards, 2 reps at 30 yards, and 2 reps on flat ground at 60 yards.

These are two of the most popular sprint variations that you can utilize within your cardio training routine. You can also use interval sprints and resistance sprints to challenge your body even further.

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