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Understanding Your Weight Loss

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There are two elements of weight loss that require, at the very least, a cursory understanding of the way a body stores and releases excess fat. The first is an understanding of fat tissue and how it accumulates. The second, and just as important, is how the mind and spirit, work in conjunction with the body to realign itself.

Basic Physiology

At the molecular level, the body requires energy to conduct a variety of functions. Sugars are absorbed in the intestines and transported via the circulatory system that are then absorbed at the cellular level for conversion into energy. It is similar to baking bread, yeast cells consume the sugar in the flour and release energy and carbon dioxide - that's what makes the dough rise. In the body, sugars are consumed by the cell for replication and activities and carbon dioxide is released as well. In the event, the body's requirement at the time requires less sugar than it has consumed, the excess glucose is converted into glycogen and stored in the liver and muscles. We refer to this as fat. This fat is the major cause of weight gain.

Metabolic Pathways

The human metabolic pathway typically uses up the glucose that is in the system for its cellular activities. When a person consumes a meal, and the glucose in the diet is absorbed, whatever is needed for energy is use and the balance stored. If the energy requirements are in excess of what is consumed, then the body shifts its pathway and now converts glycogen back to glucose and then transported to the cells. The change in pathways is not unnoticed. During strenuous activity, like marathons, the body will consume all the glucose that has not been converted to glycogen first, when that is complete, most people feel drained. Athletes call this "hitting the wall." With a little perseverance, the begin to feel a "second wind" and their energy levels return as the body's metabolic pathways now extract energy from the fat cells.

Losing Weight

In weight loss, it is commonly believed that working out daily would lead to a reduction in weight. There is some truth to that, but it's not efficient nor totally healthy to just do that. A proper weight loss regimen, should include a measured diet as well as a gradual increase in workout intensity. If possible the regimen should include a combination of high impact exercises like Pilates and a low impact activity like yoga, which aids in stretching and limbering.

The advantage of yoga is to reduce mental stress. Mental stress is a well-known cause for unhealthy eating because a common reliever of stress is sugar. A person's stress level dictates the level of sugar intake and yoga is a way to reduce and handle the stress. When one understands a holistic route to weight-loss, the effects are efficient, the feeling is great and the outcome is phenomenal.


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