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Swimming Your Way To Toned Abs | Healthy swimming
Swimming with whales

Swimming is the best exercise when looking to burn calories. A 30 minute continuous swimming is known to burn at least 500 calories. It works out all the muscle group and can be an ideal exercise when you want to target a particular part of the body and tone it. Getting that toned abs requires rigorous and intense cardio and muscular exercise. But if you're a beginner and is looking for an easy introduction to an exercise regimen that can burn body fat and target muscle group, then swimming is the activity for you. Here are some swimming exercises that helps tone abs.

Threading in the water

There are many threading swimming techniques but the best one is the bicycle threading style. Imagine that you are riding a bicycle while you are in the water. While threading your lower abdominal area is exercised as well as your legs. As you continue threading for at least 5 minutes you will notice that your leg muscles and lower abdominal muscles are tightening up. If your core muscle group hurt after a rigorous threading exercise, then you will know that they have been targeted and that you are toning your abs while also burning lots of calories, especially as your core is the biggest muscle and the body.

Swimming in place

If you know how to freestyle, then more or less you know how to make flutter kicks. Flutter kicks are the first lessons to be taught during swimming lessons. This is ideal when doing a swimming in place type of exercise. Choose a spot in the pool ideally on the side where you want to relax. Assume a freestyle position while keeping you upper body starting from the arms afloat on side, then start doing rigorous flutter kicks set. Do this for a straight 15 minutes then you'll notice your lower abdominal muscles tightening.ΓΌ Engage in a series of strokesThe best way to lose the flab is to lose the weight. One way of losing weight is through swimming is to engage in a series of strokes over a certain period of time. Say, you can do breast stroke for 15 minutes; or you can do freestyle in 30 minutes. Those exercises can definitely burn some calories.

Final swim
Swimming is the best exercise when looking to burn calories and tone up body parts. An hour of swimming can reap you the effects of losing weight and ultimately shedding abs. Just remember to perform the recommended swimming exercises.

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