Saturday, August 3, 2013

8 Reasons Why Every Man Should Pump Iron

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#1) Weight Training Will make you Powerful- This is probably the most important reason to lift weights .The simple truth is once significant gains of strength, along with feeling of being fit occurs you will become a far more confident person, probably much more confident than you thought possible, which will associate with everything else in life, for example walking with additional confidence, conversing with more more woman, etc. More confidence overall results in more success in your life.

#2) Weight Training will teach you discipline - In this era the males are weak, through the next generation men will most likely be wearing bra's. Weightlifting makes you want achieve goals, to break through Plateaus, and crush barriers which you never thought you could before weight training. Weight training will reveal exactly what it feels like to achieve goals, and that may very well be translated to every aspect of your life.

#3) Weight training Will Increase Your Energy - This is another great reason why every man should pump iron, it raises your metabolism, that will improve your energy. Every day life is always much better living it with energy. You simply can become energized getting under that barbell and pushing heavier weight loads than you thought possible, you get this energy as a result of the chemical substance dopamine that the brain produces, exact the same chemical the brain produces during intercourse, a roller-coaster ride, gambling, etc. This sort of energy stays with you, if you do not lift weights you need to start lifting.

#4) Weight training will help burn more fat - Weight training is the greatest fat burning exercise regimen in existence, for the simple reason the more muscle you gain the higher your metabolism becomes, that makes one's body, a fat burning machine. I have a six pack and I do not ever do cardio. Simply eat good food and lift heavy weights and the fat will just fade away. The old saying "but you need to do cardio in order to lose fat" is myth. If you have no muscle mass than disregard cardio, at best you will look skinny-fat. That is not good enough for you.

#5) Weight training exercise improves poor posture - That is certainly a great reason everyone Should pump iron. If you do not pump iron your posture starts deteriorating while you age, and you will develop back problems along with other types of bone complications. This is a fact, gravity takes a toll on the human body after a certain age, but guess the ultimate way to be 75 years old and feel like a much younger man with absolutely no back and posture problems? Yes, weightlifting is the correct answer folks. Recently I seen a 70 years old man lifting weights like a 20 year-old man, and he was incredibly jacked. When you first start, do not ever stop, lifting is similar to the fountain of youth.

#6) Weight Training improves your health - This is really obvious hence the reasons that were already mentioned, such as better energy, healthier bones and back posture, an increased metabolism, and even more. After a couple months of lifting you will start sleeping better, which helps your defense mechanisms become much more resilient. Following a couple months of lifting weight you will be rarely getting colds or the flu.

#7) Weight training is fun! - Readers, most people do not even realize that this really is among the many reasons to workout. One has to get accustomed to lifting, which may be aggravating because you will probably feel weak and super soar after every workout, but you will certainly start getting attached to lifting and start having fun. Pushing through plateaus through hard work releases dopamine, which may be addicting, but in this case this is a good thing.

#8) Body building will make you look better naked - This is another critical one for most of us men. Woman are captivated by healthy, virile men. It certainly feels wonderful when a all types of women come swarming to you like flies. Remember, women are certainly not drawn to fat slobs, or skinny-fat girlie looking men.

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